Fast Tail Outboard Hydrofoil

Fast Company Marine. Fast Tail Hydrofoil.

About Fast Tail

Aluminium Outboard Hydrofoils
When it comes to outboard hydrofoils, performance experts agree that flat aluminium hydrofoils are the only option.

Fast Tail Outboard Hydrofoils are the best performance modification per dollar in the marine industry. So many benefits for under $200. Once you have tried the fast tail, you’ll never own a boat without one.


• Increases fuel efficiency
• Faster take off
• Reduces propeller cavitation
• Slower planing speed
• Reduces nose hop
• Improves rough water handling


Colours: Black, White or Grey.
Fast Tail Outboard Hydrofoil price


10 – 30 hp W: 295mm L: 335mm $114.95

40 – 125hp W: 395mm L: 465mm $174.95

Mercury 70-125 Command Thrust W: 410mm L: 465mm $194.95

130 – 300hp W: 410mm L: 465mm $194.95

Stern Drive  W: 410mm L: 465mm $204.95

Mercury V8 and Verado  W: 410mm L: 465mm $204.95

$16 post Australia wide
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Fast Tail Outboard Hydrofoil Advantages

1. Fast Tail attaches under the cavitation plate rather than on top. This spreads the load evenly throughout the plate rather than on the individual bolts. This method is highly recommended by performance boat experts.

2. Thinner stream line shape provides less drag and steering load